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Bank Services

1. MECS undertakes delivery of shipment in Egypt through its specially trained staff, the collection of cheques, bills and drafts from the banks and their branches in order to deliver them on their behalf, to the banks on which they are drawn and  receive settlement orders, credit advices, cheques in exchange, as well as all other relevant documents for settlement from the banks on which they are drawn.
2. MECS delivers to the Banks and their branches the required documents for settlement.
3. Processing of cheques, Bills and drafts includes collecting, sorting items per type and location, storage and maturity management of bills and drafts.
4. Accounting interfaces from MECS to the Banks’ systems, managing information and enquiries reports, access on time and settlement processing.  
5. Bank Inter-Branch Services:
MECS enters all Banks and their branches in Egypt on a daily basis and renders banks a variety of customized Inter-Branch services.