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About Us:

MECS is the pioneer and first Egyptian Domestic Courier Company in Egypt fully authorized and licensed by the Egyptian Postal Authority. One of the best companies that provide Courier Service in Egypt.

MECS was established in 1976 to provide highly needed services in Egypt, with the foresight that Egypt will be a focal point for the emerging business within the region.

MECS has consistently and successfully supported the fast growing business needs of the public and private sectors as well as individuals.

MECS headquarters is located at 1, Mahmoud Hafez Street, Safir Square, Heliopolis. There are 43 branch offices located in all major cities and towns countrywide.

MECS operations run 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

MECS has received the accreditation of ISO 9001- 2000

MECS serves all sectors of the Egyptian community with tailored services and express mail and other important and sensitive items to meet the needs of all private and public business ventures in the country.

MECS clients include Banking Institutions, Diplomatic Missions, Multinational Corporations, Major Industrial Establishments, the Tourism Sector including all major Hotels and Airlines, Commercial Distributors, Publishers and more.

MECS network covers all of Egypt up till the borders of the country, north, south, east and west, through its specialized teams of couriers.

MECS has 43 branch offices located in all major cities and towns throughout the country, and renders a variety of services for its clients to and from all parts of Egypt.

MECS Has No branch offices outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
MECS offers tailored services and express mail in Egypt to suit the requirements and needs of the different industries including Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Aviation, Publishers, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations.